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Utah Valley University Bookstore



  • BLOCK B BUYBACK: DECEMBER 12-17 (finals week)

The Bookstore pays the marketplace value of the new textbook price if the book meets the following criteria:

  • We have received a requisition from the faculty member stating that the book will be used again the following semester.
  • We are not overstocked on the title.
  • We have not met our desired quantities.
  • The book is in excellent condition with no excessive highlighting, underling, etc. and contains any
    additional items that the book was originally sold with such as a compact disc, map, etc.
  • The book is a textbook and not a workbook, study guide, map, disc, etc.
  • The book has not gone to a new edition.

A textbook may not be on the current Booklist for any of the following reasons:

  • The Bookstore has not received a written request from the department for classroom use of the book for next semester. 
  • It is an old edition, study guide, workbook, lab manual, or programmed text.
  • In a few cases, the Bookstore is overstocked.
  • The Bookstore has bought back the limit based on what the department feels will be their class enrollment.
  • Fill-in books that can't be reused, books that are excessively written in, torn, or have missing pages, will not be bought back.

What affects the resale value of your books?

  • The instructor has discontinued use of the book or has not notified Bookstore that your book will be used again.
  • The Bookstore already has sufficient quantities of your books.
  • Your book has been published in an updated version and has little or no $ value.
  • The condition of your book may be too poor or incomplete to be resold - study guides, workbooks, books with discs, maps, charts, etc.
  • National demand determines resale value of books that have been discontinued on your campus.