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Utah Valley University Bookstore


What determines the cost of textbooks?
There are many factors that effect the price of textbooks such as; author royalties, publisher costs, marketing,
publisher and author taxes, and Bookstore expenses.

Who selects the textbooks that the Bookstore sells?
Instructors choose the course materials that we sell. The instructors choose materials that best fit their teaching needs.
Instructors choose texts that will best assist them in their course instruction.

When is Textbook Buyback?
Buyback is during finals week at the end of each term.

How much money will I get back for my textbooks?
The Bookstore pays the marketplace value of the new textbook price if the book meets the following criteria:

  • We have received a requisition from the faculty member stating
    that the book will be used again the following semester.
  • We are not overstocked on the title.
  • We have not met our desired quantities.
  • The book is in excellent condition with no excessive highlighting, underling, etc. and contains any
    additional items that the book was originally sold with such as a compact disc, map, etc.
  • The book is a textbook and not a workbook, study guide, map, disc, etc.
  • The book has not gone to a new edition.
If a book does not meet the above criteria we may buy it for a wholesale book
company at a lower price that is determined by the wholesale book company.