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Large Sponge
• Potter’s wheel sponge
• Thirsty, durable, and absorbent
• Soft Cellulose Sponge
• For cleaning - smoothing - decorating pottery
• Also great for watercolors and general use
• Pro Art brand
• Made in USA

Price: $3.69

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Pro Art Natural
Sponges Sea Silk

Pliable natural sponges can be used for watercolor washes, soaking and stretching papers and are excellent for pottery making. Finely grained and highly absorbent. Use with acrylics, oil, watercolors and fabric paints. Ideal for sponge painting, faux finishes, stippling and staining. Available in various shapes and sizes.

• Made in USA

Price: $2.99

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14 PC Deluxe
Clay Tool Set

DELUXE 14 Piece POTTERY, CLAY, SCULPTING TOOL SET with Free Zippered Storage Case! Great for use with Polymer Clay, Potters Clay, Ceramics and more! Here is a must-have set of tools for use with polymer clay, ceramic and potters clays, wax and sculpting materials. This nice quality 14 piece tool set features all the tools you need for cleaning, carving and sculpting. This complete set includes all the most popular tools that you need the most. Best of all, the tools are packaged in a storage case with elastic straps to keep them individually organized. Great for students and traveling artists!

• Detailing Tool
• Clean-Up Tool
• 3 Ribbon Tools for Fine Detailing
• Sculpting and Trimming Drill
• Retouching & Sculpting Straight Needle
• 7 Wood Modeling Tools for Cutting, Slicing, Cleaning, Shaping and Finishing Lace
• Decoration and Retouching Tool
• Canvas Storage Case with Zipper
• Tools measure approx. 6.5" long
• Black zippered storage case measures 8-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 1-1/2"

Price: $15.99

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Kemper Pottery
Tool Kit

• Pottery Tool Kit includes every essential tool needed to begin pottery
• Kemper - the most trusted name in pottery tools
• Includes Potter's Rib, Wood Modeling Tool, Needle Tool, Ribbon Tool, Loop Tool, Sponge, Wire Clay Cutter
• The perfect beginner's kit, it even includes a pouch to store each tool
• Made in USA: Kemper, making affordable quality tools

Price: $22.89

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