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35mm Negative Sleeve
• Exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarity allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives
• Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up.
• 3 mil top sheet and 1.8 mil bottom sheet
• Archival quality polyethylene - NO PVC - safe for long-term storage
• PAT passed
• 1 Sleeve

Price: $0.25
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Gray Scale & Value Finder
Easy to use and understand, this 4" x 6" tool is perfect for determining color value in all media. Its unique cutout shapes allow easy viewing and ensure accurate readings. Can be used to determine the values of black to white as well as colors. Includes simple explanations and instructions on mixing colors to darken or lighten them. It’s an invaluable tool for artists, teachers and students.
Price: $2.99
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Ilford MGIV RC
Photo Paper, 8x10"
25-Pack (Glossy)

ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DeLuxe and ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio are premium quality variable contrast papers. MULTIGRADE IV RC has a bright base tint. The image colour remains cool-to-neutral whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent light.MULTIGRADE IV RC is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and is fully compatible with all existing MULTIGRADE filters and equipment. It is equally suitable for printing from conventional negatives and from XP2 SUPER negatives.MULTIGRADE IV RC DeLuxe has the standard weight (190g/m 2 ) resin coated base.

• Cool to neutral image color
• Premium quality paper
• Bright Base Tint
• Use with All Brands Multigrade Filters
• Can be processed in machine or trays

Price: $33.09
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