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101 Things to Do with Peanut Butter
Pamela Bennett

Peanut butter lovers of the world unite, and start thinking outside the jar beyond your childhood favorite, PBJ. Update your palate with not only sweet, but savory recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Price: $9.99

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Jams & Jellies. . .
Pamela Bennett

. . . in Less Than 30 Minutes

These jams and jellies are not only yummy on toast and biscuits, but they also turn fish to delish, go neat with meat, and dress up cheese in a breeze!

For the creative cook who has no time to spare, Jams and Jellies in 30 Minutes or Less is the answer. Simple cooking directions and ingredients are the keys to quick and successful refrigerator jams that can be eaten the same day they're prepared, or savored for up to three weeks. No canning required!

Price: $16.99

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Peanut Butter Sweets
Pamela Bennett

Whether you like creamy or crunchy, there’s no denying that peanut butter is a favorite pantry staple, and Peanut Butter Sweets offers you 70 tasty ways to enjoy it.

From smoothies, cookies, pies, and cakes to candies, dips, sauces, and toppings, here are recipes to help you create luscious sweet treats for parties and special events, luncheons, desserts, or for eating all by yourself while watching a favorite movie. You can also indulge your creative genius and package up some of these yummy morsels in cute ways for gift-giving.

Whip up a pretty Southern Belle Shake, bake a batch of Peanut Butter Macaroons, create a Peanut Butter Cheesecake, or serve a scrumptious Peanut Butter Soufflé to the delight of your friends and family. Peanut butter lovers will rejoice!

Pamela Bennett grew up in Durham, North Carolina, where she was exposed to an environment rich in the southern culinary tradition. She was educated in business, graduating from Crofts College. Pam has been making signature sweets for more than 25 years and sharing them with family and customers. She owned and operated Black Sheep Baskets in Dallas, Texas, which featured her jams. Additionally, she has worked in the entertainment industry (MGM and Sundance) as well as at three major universities. She now lives with her never-dull psychologist husband in Provo, Utah, and is the mother of two intelligent, compassionate, humorous children. She is the author of Jams & Jellies in Less Than 30 Minutes.

Price: $19.99

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Grandma's Classic
Favorites For the Holidays

Re-create memories of friends and family at Grandma's house, and start new traditions of your own as you enjoy these classic favorite recipes. With recipes for each season and meal plans for every major holiday, you can bring your family together and make your holidays and seasons as memorable as the ones you had at Grandma's house.
Price: $16.99

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Feeding the Masses
Sydney Cline

“Feeding the Masses: Meal Planning for Events, Large Groups, Ward Parties and More”

Full of delicious recipes that everyone will love, this must-have guide to cooking for a crowd will teach you a proven party-planning method so you can actually enjoy your next event. Learn to quickly calculate how much to make, decide which tasks to delegate, and cut costs without skimping on quality. Guaranteed to help you serve up a truly scrumptious soiree!

Price: $16.99

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Home Cookin'
Kelley Van Orden Dalley

Finally a cookbook you'll actually cook with! Stocked with all the traditional favorites your mother perfected, Home Cookin' is a practical and scrumptious answer to the age-old question: "What's for dinner?" Inside you'll find everything from cinnamon rolls to apricot chicken to Chicago-style deep dish pizza. With practical ingredients you're sure to have on hand, easy-to-follow instructions, and a wide range of recipes gathered over a lifetime of delicious family meals, this book is perfect for beginning chefs and seasoned epicures alike. With Home Cookin' in your kitchen, all you'll have to worry about is who's going to do the dishes.

Price: $16.99

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Irresistibly Gluten Free
Christina Davis

“Irresistibly Gluten Free” gives you the basics you need to cook gluten-free foods that you and your family will want to eat. With Irresistibly Gluten Free: Simple Family Favorite Recipes, you don't have to give up the foods you love, and you don't have to compromise on taste or texture. You may, however, have to fight off the wheat-eaters.

In Irresistibly Gluten Free you will find:

UnFlour is the gluten-free flour mix that gives Irresistibly Gluten Free recipes their delicious taste and texture. It's simple to make, easy to use, and has applications beyond the recipes in this cookbook. You'll love cooking with UnFlour.

Mixes. Many of the recipes in Irresistibly Gluten Free can be made into mixes. By buying the ingredients in bulk and making your own mixes, you can save a lot of time and money.

Photos. Every recipe has a full-page, full-color photo. How can you get excited about cooking something you haven't seen?

Recipes. In Irresistibly Gluten Free, you'll find simple recipes for basics such as bread, rolls, pancakes, pizza crust, and more. You'll also get other favorites like doughnuts and graham crackers--ever tried a s'more with no cracker? Now, you never have to.

Price: $19.95

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The Girl Who Ate Everything
Christy Denney

“The Girl Who Ate Everything: Easy Family Recipes from a Girl Who Has Tried Them All”

Take it from a girl who has earned her name as The Girl Who Ate Everything, this cookbook is filled with family friendly recipes that were taste tested and approved by her own 5 kids. There are over 90 new, drool worthy recipes along with 10 popular favorites from the blog. From appetizer to dessert, you'll find a wide variety of recipes for every palate. Every recipe has a photo taken by Christy herself and personalized tips to help you along the way. You'll love her S'mores Cookie Cups, Cheeseburger Pizza Balls, Juicy Beef Tenderloin, and Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake.

Price: $19.99

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The Ultimate
Disney Party Book

The Ultimate Disney Party Book: 8 Fantastic Disney Themes, Over 65 Recipes and Crafts for the Perfect Party

The Ultimate Disney Party Book is your perfect partner when throwing a party. Whether it's a birthday party, baby shower, celebration of a milestone, or barbeque, this book will make it a very special event. The book is divided into eight chapters based on Disney themes, including Aladdin, Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie, Monsters, Inc., Wreck-it Ralph, Planes, and Captain Hook. Each chapter contains instructions for invitations, decorations, crafts, activities, and recipes -- all celebrating favorite characters and films

Flying Carpet Invitations, a Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt, Mike Wazowski Cupcakes, the "I'm Gonna Wreck It!" Penthouse Pinata, and Belle's French Baguette Sandwiches are just a sampling of the projects that are presented with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and photographs. This unique book makes any party a celebration to remember for a lifetime.

Price: $19.95

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Black Pot for Beginners
Mark Hansen

Black Pot for Beginners: Surefire Methods to Get a Great Dutch Oven Dish Every Time”

Mystified by Dutch oven cooking? Here's the key to guaranteed Dutch oven success! Full of tips, tricks, and delicious recipes, this must-have guide to cooking with a Dutch oven promises to unlock the secrets to a mouthwatering meal every time---whether you're a seasoned chef or a black pot novice. Wow your family and friends with these tasty treats!

Price: $12.99

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Cooking with Food Storage
Debbie G. Harman

“Cooking with Food Storage: Made Easy: Hundreds of Tasty, Money-Saving Recipes Your Family Will Love”

Once you start to accumulate your food storage, what do we do with? Food storage is not just for emergencies; it's meant to help us sustain life today. In this fun cookbook, Debbie Harman shows how you can cook delicious meals and tasty treats your family will love with the food supplies that have too often been put away only for a rainy day. You'll soon discover how to use storage items and other everyday ingredients to make tasty dishes a few times each week, which will keep your food storage in constant rotation-and save you money. So, should disaster strike, you'll have plenty of usable food on hand-and you'll be an expert on knowing what to do with it. Along with hundreds of fast and delicious family-tested recipes, you'll find:

What you need to store
How to use dry foods to add nutrition to everyday dishes
How to store meats, beans and legumes, vegetables, fruits, grains, and more
How to sprout your own fresh greens
How to put together 72-hour emergency kits for you and your family.

Let Cooking with Food Storage Made Easy be your guide for making your food storage a valuable asset that your family will enjoy.

Price: $18.95

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Gifts from the Kitchen
Debbie G. Harman

“Gifts from the Kitchen - A tasty collection of recipes for every gift occasion”

There’s no gift more thoughtful or enjoyable than a handmade treat from your own kitchen. In this beautifully illustrated full-color cookbook, celebrated culinary artist Debbie Harman shares hundreds of delicious recipes combined with creative and unique gift ideas for all occasions. From classic cookie mixes to scrumptious quick breads and savory soups, your home-crafted creations are sure to delight family, friends, and neighbors. There are even instructions for deluxe gifts like a family pizza party basket. As a bonus, the included CD-ROM makes it easy to print the featured gift tags and boxes, which add the perfect finishing touch. Gifts from the Kitchen is an ideal guide for sharing the very best from your heart and your hearth.

Price: $19.99

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Get Cooking. . .
Mollie Katzen

Get Cooking: 150 Simple Recipes to Get You Started in the Kitchen

Do you want to eat really well not just once in a while, but all the time but you don't know where to begin?

Are you tired of pizza as much as you like it and broke from buying takeout? Do you love good food the straightforward, homemade kind but feel challenged to set up a kitchen, shop for decent equipment and groceries, and tap into a few basic skills that can put a simple roast chicken or vegetarian entree on your dinner table?

If you answer "yes" to these questions, then Get Cooking is for you. Get Cooking is the first book from bestselling cookbook author Mollie Katzen designed specifically for beginners, whether you are just starting to cook for yourself or trying to kick the restaurant habit. Unlike most cookbooks, the goal of Get Cooking is to get you in the kitchen, no matter what your experience level might be.

Illustrated throughout with color photographs of each dish, Get Cooking gives you clear, step-by-step instructions for making everything from classic mashed potatoes to Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Calzones to Hot Fudge Sundaes (with homemade hot fudge!). With this book, anyone you included can make delicious, fresh food, with a lot less expense (and a lot more satisfaction) than ordering in.

You may know Mollie Katzen as the author of such famous cookbooks as Moosewood Cookbook or The Enchanted Broccoli Forest; Get Cooking has all of the accessibility and personal warmth of those beloved books, but it is Mollie's first cookbook for vegetarians and omnivores alike. You will learn how to make North African Red Lentil Soup, Linguine with Spinach and Peas, and Chickpea and Mango Curry and also Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Spinach Lasagna, and Steak Fajitas.

With Get Cooking in hand, you'll be serving everything from salads (such as Wilted Spinach Salad with Hazelnuts, Goat Cheese, and Golden Raisins) to desserts (try the Cheesecake Bars), with stops along the way for party snacks, a full array of side dishes, and a brilliant assortment of handcrafted burgers (bean, tofu, and mushroom as well as beef, turkey, and tuna). Here at last is the cookbook that will make a cook out of everyone.

Price: $24.99

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500 Fast & Fabulous Five Star
5 Ingredient Recipes

These five-star recipes were specifically selected and perfected by renowned cookbook authors and editors Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley as the 500 Best of the Best 5-ingredient recipes to be found anywhere.

The outstanding recipes in this book will make you realize how delicious and easy 5-ingredient recipes can be. Big flavor with few ingredients: Ten-Minute Santa Fe Soup, Creamy Sherbet Margarita, Shrimp Scampi Pasta in a Flash and the Best Baby Backs Evah!

Price: $16.95

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52 Weeks of ... Recipes for Picky Kids
Jill McKenzie

"52 Weeks of Proven Recipes for Picky Kids"

Is mealtime a challenge at your house? Have you spent hours on a gourmet dish only to hear your children say, Is this what we’re having for dinner? Yuck! Jill McKenzie has made of career of providing healthy, kid-friendly meals for the most finicky of eaters. With six picky eaters of her own, she has also been a personal chef to families with young children and knows what it takes to create nutritious foods that kids (and their parents!) will love. The result is more than 100 mom-tested recipes. One mother reported, I love feeling like I can actually cook something my children and my husband enjoy because of the yummy flavors. Treat your picky eaters to favorites like Mud Slides, Trees and Cheese, Bat Wings, Octopus and Shells, and Catch Me If You Can Pancakes, and you’ll get rave reviews too!

Price: $12.95

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Recipes...
Natalie Oliver

... Special Menus for the One You Love

Want to cook something romantic and delicious for someone you love? This book will help you make Valentine's Day - or any romantic meal, for that matter - special. And very tasty! Valentine's Day is a special and romantic day for many couples. The only problem is that restaurants are over filled with other people who are trying to have a nice dinner out. Maybe a better idea is to cook a fantastic dinner at home. Something special just for the two of you. This book of special menus doesn't only consider dinner. Don't forget that Valentine's Day lasts all day long and you can whip up a wonderful breakfast, brunch, or lunch, too! Make the whole day a memorable one with special food treats. Many of the menu plans have elements that can be done ahead to make the preparation a little easier on the day. You can also enlist the help of your Honey if you like to cook together in the kitchen.

The recipes are a little upscale, but not so difficult that a novice cook can't prepare them. The book comes with menu plans to take some of the stress out of planning your romantic feast. Shopping lists are also included if you're in a hurry and don't have time to write it all down before going to the market. Even though this is a Valentine's Day recipe book, you'll find yourself going back to the menus and recipes over and over again any time you want to make something special for the people you love.

Price: $14.99

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101 Gourmet Cakes Simply from Scratch
Wendy Paul

There's one dessert you can always depend on when baking trends come and go -- cake! Wendy Paul takes on this classic dessert in 101 Gourmet Cakes Simply from Scratch, with everything from traditional favorites to fun, new flavors like S’mores Bundt Cake and Vanilla Cream Puff Cake. Wendy Paul shows how easy it is to bake delicious, mouthwatering masterpieces, all simply from scratch.
Price: $18.99

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101 Gourmet Ice Cream. . .
Wendy Paul

. . . Creations for Every Craving

Bestselling author and dessert genius, Wendy Paul is back with a collection of tasty flavors and unique ice cream treats from fun-loving triple berry to exotic mango lime to scrumptious fried ice cream. Perfect for experts and novices alike, these mouthwatering creations are guaranteed to sweeten up any party and make all your friends and family scream for ice cream!

Price: $18.99

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Julie Peterson

By Julie Peterson and Caleb Warnock

The art of creating chocolates and confections at home.

Price: $17.99

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What's a Cook to Do?. . .
James Peterson

. . . An Illustrated Guide to 484 Essential Tools, Tips, Techniques, & Tricks

From America’s favorite cooking teacher, multiple award-winner James Peterson, an invaluable reference handbook.

Culinary students everywhere rely on the comprehensive and authoritative cookbooks published by chef, instructor, and award-winning author Jim Peterson. And now, for the first time, this guru-to-the-professionals turns his prodigious knowledge into a practical, chockablock, quick-reference, A-to-Z answer book for the rest of us.

Look elsewhere for how to bone skate or trim out a saddle of lamb, how to sauté sweetbreads or flambé dessert. Look here instead for how to zest a lemon, make the perfect hamburger, bread a chicken breast, make (truly hot) coffee in a French press, make magic with a Micro-plane. It’s all here: how to season a cast iron pan, bake a perfect pie, keep shells from sticking to hard cooked eggs. How to carve a turkey, roast a chicken, and chop, slice, beat, broil, braise, or boil any ingredient you’re likely to encounter. Information on seasoning, saucing, and determining doneness (by internal temperatures, timings, touch, and sight) guarantee that you’ve eaten your last bland and overcooked meal.

Here are 500 invaluable techniques with nearly as many color photographs, bundled into a handy, accessible format.

Price: $16.95

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Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast
Melissa Richardson

With allergies to commercial yeast on the rise, natural yeast is the easy and healthy solution to baking all the foods you love. Brush up on your techniques with Melissa Richardson's newest book, Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast, with mouthwatering recipes like Soft Pretzel Rolls, Honey Whole Wheat Bread, and Lemon Chiffon Cake. Say goodbye to commercial yeast, and hello to a healthier body!
Price: $22.99

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The Romney Family Table
Ann Romney

The Romney Family Table: Sharing Home-Cooked Recipes and Favorite Traditions

Ann Romney, wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, invites readers into her home and kitchen, combining some of her favorite foods with memories of raising a family. This unique blend of heartwarming and humorous stories told in Ann's warm, welcoming style, candid family photos spanning four decades, and more than 125 fabulous recipes will inspire your own traditions and family dinners for years to come.

Home is where good things happen. For the Romney family, the heart of the home is the kitchen. Pull up a chair as Ann Romney invites you into her home and kitchen, combining some of her favorite foods with memories of raising five boys (such as coming home to find her young son completely covered in Marshmallow Fluff). Part insider look, part cookbook, The Romney Family Table offers an irresistible blend of personal reflections, family photos, homegrown traditions, and more than 130 mouthwatering recipes that have bound a family together through the generations. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, Ann is donating her proceeds from book sales to the Center for Neurologic Diseases at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston for the great work they do toward treatments and cures for neurological diseases.

Price: $29.99

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Gourmet Cooking For Two
Christie Silbaugh

Making gourmet meals for two is the perfect way to grow closer to your sweetheart, whether you are a new couple, empty nesters, or somewhere in between. With romantic tips to help you spice up your love life, and over 100 delicious, high quality recipes such as Brazilian Red Snapper and Tuscan Potato Soup, you'll never want to go out to dinner again.

Price: $21.99

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The Juicing Diet
Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

The Juicing Diet: Drink Your Way to Weight Loss, Cleansing, Health, and Beauty

A juicing diet can boost your immunity and help you lose weight.

Studies have shown that adding juicing into your diet can improve your body s immune response, reduce your risk for chronic disease, improve your skin and hair health, and help you easily lose weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and by juicing your produce, you get all of the benefits of your produce in the purest form. "The Juicing Diet "is your guide to experiencing the benefits of a juicing diet. With 175 delicious juicing recipes packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, you can detox your body and begin to feel more energetic right away.

The Juicing Diet will help you lose weight and improve your well-being with
• 175 delicious and nutritious juicing recipes
• Introduction to the many health benefits of juicing
• 30-day juicing weight-loss plan
• Special tips on juicing for beauty, weight loss, and detox
• 10 steps for success on a juicing diet

Whether you’re looking for a foolproof way to lose weight, or you just want add more nutrients to your diet, "The Juicing Diet" is sure to quench your thirst and give you an energy boost to power you through your day.

Price: $16.99

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Everyday Vegetarian. . .
Brenda Stanley

. . . Meat-Free Meals in Minutes

Eating your veggies is no longer a chore; it's a pleasure! Brenda Stanley, author of The Zucchini Houdini, offers a comprehensive collection of delicious dishes, including Spicy Potato Curry, Quinoa and Black Beans, and Creamy Zucchini Risotto. Whether you're a full-fledged vegetarian or you simply want to eat more greens, Everyday Vegetarian is the perfect guide to quick and easy vegetarian cooking.

Price: $14.99

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The Zucchini Houdini
Brenda Stanley

Zucchini just can't seem to get any respect from its odd-sounding name to stories of people leaving bushels of the green stuff on unsuspecting neighbors' doorsteps! The Zucchini Houdini is on a quest to change all of that! This book will revolutionize your perceptions of zucchini as you bake dozens of tasty and healthy recipes and read the humorous trivia and helpful tips. This modest green friend to gardeners everywhere is packed full of vitamins and fiber and can be used in everything from main dishes to soups to salads even in desserts. The Zucchini Houdini is sure to please all family members and bring honor to the long green vegetable.

Price: $13.99

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The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast
Caleb Warnock

By Caleb Warnock and Melissa Richardson

This is the book you've been waiting for! With groundbreaking information about the health benefits of natural yeast, this book will forever change the way you bake. Easy to prepare and use, natural yeast converts dough into a vitamin-rich food that's free from harmful enzymes. Improve your health and happiness with these invaluable recipes you can't find anywhere else!

Price: $18.99

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Favorite Family Recipes
Erica Walker

by Erica Walker, Emily Walker, Elise Donovan, and Echo Blickenstaff

Favorite Family Recipes started as a way for four sisters to swap favorite recipes but they were too delicious to keep to themselves! This tantalizing cookbook features more than 175 recipes that have been created, tested, and shared within the extended family circle.

Put a smile on your hungry family's faces with these tasty, easy-to-prepare, home-cooked recipes. With downhome dishes like Chicken Pot Pie Crumble and tasty Easy Cheesy Biscuits, and delicious variations on family favorites like tacos, pizza, and breakfast classics, you'll find food both the grown-ups and the kids will enjoy and even some the kids can make themselves. When it's time to change things up a bit, choose from exotic-tasting dishes like Chicken Massaman Curry, Caribbean Kabobs, or crunchy Pai Mai salad, all without having to venture far beyond your favorite grocery store for the ingredients.

You may even want to take things outside with sizzling recipes for the grill and Dutch oven. And don't forget dessert. With dozens to choose from, including Rocky Road Candy and Sopapilla Cheesecake, you're sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. As a bonus, the sisters have added their versions of famous dishes from Wingers, Rumbi Island Grill, Café Rio, and a dozen other hotspots. Whether for holidays, special days, or every days, these tempting recipes will soon become your family's favorite recipes!

Price: $25.99

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Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency
Caleb Warnock

"The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers"

Many people dream of becoming self-reliant during these times of fluctuating prices and uncertain job security. Using truly simple techniques, you can cultivate the pioneer's independence to provide safety against lost wages, harsh weather, economic recession, and commercial contamination and shortages. Strengthen your family's self-reliance as you discover anew the joy of homegrown food, thrift, and self-sufficient living.

Price: $16.99

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Our Best Bites
Mormon Moms in the Kitchen

By Sara Wells and Kate Jones

Meet Sara and Kate, two Mormon girls who love to cook. They're also wives and mothers balancing home management, part-time work, church and community involvement, and countless other things just like you! As busy moms, their philosophy is that cooking really good food for your family doesn t have to be complicated. In fact, cooking at home can be a delicious, fun, and easy way to care for your family and friends. Our Best Bites brings together more than 150 family-friendly recipes with mouthwatering full-color photos, step-by-step tutorials, ideas for using leftover ingredients, shortcuts and tips for cooking, and serving suggestions.

Sara Wells and Kate Jones began their hit cooking blog, Our Best Bites, in March 2008. In the past two years, their website has grown to more than 40,000 page views a day and around 700,000 page views a month. Over 30,000 subscribers receive their e-mail updates. They have been featured in The Chicago Sun-Times, Mormon Mommy Blogs, and popular cooking blogs such as Café-Mom, Tastespotting, and Foodgawker. Their website was recently listed on The Pioneer Woman's blog as one of the most frequently referenced cooking websites. The authors will be featured in an upcoming edition of Better Homes and Gardens. Includes page-finder bookmark with measurement conversions.

Price: $25.99

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Savoring the Seasons
With Our Best Bites

By Sara Wells and Kate Jones

Make the most of each season of the year. Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites delivers more than 100 all-new recipes featuring fresh ingredients and holiday-specific dishes. This cookbook includes time-saving tips, helpful tutorials, and full-color photographs. Moms and kids will particularly enjoy the seasonal crafts and treats sprinkled throughout the book. The Our Best Bites blog receives over 2.6 million page views a month, with over 1 million unique visitors each month an increase of 158% since April 2011. More than 300,000 subscribers receive the Our Best Bites e-mail updates. Authors create over 150 new-content posts each year a minimum of 3 posts per week. Sara and Kate have been featured in The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, The Atlantic, Publishers Weekly, and the Chicago Sun-Times. Our Best Bites was named #12 in the Top 25 Food Blogs of 2011, as ranked by The Daily Meal. In 2011, Sara and Kate took top honors in Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Collection Cook-off competition.

Price: $27.99

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Eat Fresh:Quick and Easy Meals
Chef Tom Woodbury

Break out of your recipe routine with Eat Fresh, a collection of easy, wholesome recipes, with everything from breakfasts and appetizers to dinners and desserts. Mealtimes don? have to be tasteless and uninspiring; enjoy delicious dishes bursting with flavor!
Price: $18.99

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