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Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte characterized the eponymous heroine of her 1847 novel as being "as poor and plain as myself." Presenting a heroine with neither great beauty nor entrancing charm was an unprecendented maneuver, but Bronte's instincts proved correct, for readers of her era and ever after have taken Jane Eyre into their hearts. The author drew upon her own experience to depict Jane's struggles at Lowood, an oppressive boarding school, and her troubled career as a governess. Unlike Jane, Bronte had the advantage of a warm family circle that shared and encouraged her literary pursuits. She found immediate success with this saga of an orphan girl forced to make her way alone in the world, from Lowood School to Thornfield, the estate of the majestically moody Mr. Rochester, and beyond. A selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Dover Classics paperback

Price: $7.00

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Daniel J. Fairbanks

Evolving: The Human Effect and Why It Matters

This persuasive, elegantly written book argues that understanding evolution has never mattered more in human history. The author uses evidence from archaeology, geography, anatomy, biochemistry, radiometric dating, cell biology, chromosomes, and DNA to establish the inescapable conclusion that we evolved and are still evolving. He also explains in detail how health, food production, and human impact on the environment are dependent on our knowledge of evolution. This is essential reading for gaining a fuller appreciation of who we are, our place in the great expanse of life, and the importance of our actions.

Price: $19.00

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The Abraham Enigma
Jack Lyon

Egypt was hot as a furnace, as a refiner s fire; even the Nile breezes as they crept through Cairo made little difference. But the men were meeting anyway, in a private room in the back of a coffee house near Orabi Square. One of the men smoothed back his thick, white hair, then looked around the circle before turning to a large man, dressed in black. All is ready in America? Yes. The attacks will be sudden and devastating. The big man paused. But the FBI is investigating the embassy, so we must move slowly and carefully. You are a cautious man maybe too cautious. Some might even wonder whose side you are on. The white-haired man narrowed his eyes. Soon it will not matter, the man shrugged. The embassy will be destroyed. Then the attacks in America will drive the point home, on their own soil. Perhaps then the Americans will keep to their own business. When FBI agent and cryptologist David Hunter is temporarily assigned to decipher coded terrorist communications in Egypt, he turns to an unlikely source for help an authentic Egyptian document containing the pharaohs priestly writing code, hieroglyphics that bear a remarkable similarity to characters in the facsimiles in the Book of Abraham.
Price: $17.99

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Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson

Masterfully crafted, "Treasure Island" is a stunning yarn of piracy on the fiery tropic seas -- an unforgettable tale of treachery that embroils a host of legendary swashbucklers, from honest young Jim Hawkins to sinister, two-timing Israel Hands, to evil incarnate, blind Pew. But above all, "Treasure Island" is a complex study of good and evil, as embodied by that hero-villain, Long John Silver: the merry unscrupulous buccaneer-rogue whose greedy quest for gold cannot help but win the heart of every soul who ever longed for romance, treasure, and adventure. Since its publication in 1883, "Treasure Island" has provided an enduring literary model for such eminent writers as Anthony Hope, Graham Greene, and Jorge Luis Borges. As David Daiches wrote: "Robert Louis Stevenson transformed the Victorian boys' adventure into a classic of its kind."

One of the most enduringly popular adventure tales, "Treasure Island "began in 1881 as a serialized adventure entitled "The Sea-Cook" in the periodical "Young Folks." Completed during a stay at Davos, Switzerland, where Stevenson had gone for his health, it was published in 1883 in the form we know today.

Set in the eighteenth century, "Treasure Island" spins a heady tale of piracy, a mysterious treasure map, and a host of sinister characters charged with diabolical intentions. Seen through the eyes of Jim Hawkins, the cabin boy of the "Hispaniola, "the action-packed adventure tells of a perilous sea journey across the Spanish Main, a mutiny led by the infamous Long John Silver, and a lethal scramble for buried treasure on an exotic isle.

Rich in atmosphere and character, "Treasure Island "continues to mesmerize readers with its perceptive views of the changing nature of human motives.

Dover Classics paperback

Price: $4.00

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The Purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

The Purpose Driven Life will help you understand why you are alive and reveal God's amazing plan for you--both here and now, and for eternity. Rick Warren will guide you through a personal forty-day spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for? Knowing God's purpose for creating you will reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, give meaning to your life, and most important, prepare you for eternity.

"Movie stars and political leaders aren't the only ones turning to Rick Warren for spiritual guidance. Millions of people--from NBA and LPGA players to corporate executives to high school students to prison inmates--meet regularly to discuss The Purpose Driven Life."--Time

Price: $14.99

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