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Kaplan ACT Prep
Plus 2019: 5 Practice Tests +...

Kaplan ACT Prep
Plus 2019: 5 Practice Tests +
Proven Strategies + Online (Kaplan Test Prep)

Kaplan's ACT Prep Plus 2019 provides expert strategies, online practice, and video tutorials to help you ace the test and give your college applications a boost. Kaplan is the Official Partner for Live Online Prep for the ACT. For more information visit

Kaplan is so certain that ACT Prep Plus 2019 offers the guidance you need that we guarantee it: After studying with our online resources and book, you'll score higher on the ACT—or your money back.

With ACT Prep Plus 2019 you can study from anywhere. Log in to watch video lessons, complete quizzes, and take practice tests on your mobile device.

The Best Practice

• 5 full-length Kaplan practice tests with detailed answer explanations

• Scoring and analysis for 5 official ACT test

• Online Center with additional practice, quizzes, and videos to help guide your study

• Kaplan's SmartPoints system to help you earn the most points by guiding you toward the most popular topics and question types on the exam

Expert Guidance

• Kaplan's expert teachers make sure our tests are true to the ACT

• 9 out of 10 Kaplan students get into one or more of their top choice colleges

Price: $32.99

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Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
Thrift Study Edition

Includes the unabridged text of Austen's classic novel plus a complete study guide that helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the work's content and text. The comprehensive guide includes chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, analytical paper topics, list of characters, bibliography, and more.

Created to help readers gain a thorough understanding of the content and context of "Pride and Prejudice." The guide includes:

Chapter-by-chapter summaries Explanations and discussions of the plot
Question-and-answer sections
Austen biography
List of characters and more

Dover Thrift Study Editions feature everything that students need to undertake a confident reading of a classic text, as well as to prepare themselves for class discussions, essays, and exams

Reg. Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.56

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Barron's Police Officer
Exam Flash Cards

This set of 500 flash cards will prepare candidates for entry-level police officer exams held throughout the country.
The set contains:

• 21 different categories of question types typically appearing on all such exams
• Detailed test-taking strategies for each category
• Hundreds of practice questions covering each category along with answer explanations
• A final section with additional practice questions intended to test a reader’s understanding of each of the question types, along with a self-diagnostic tool designed to aid the reader in an objective self-appraisal of mastery of each question type

Each flash card measures 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" and has a punch-hole in one corner that accommodates an enclosed metal key-ring-style card holder. The ring allows officer candidates to arrange flash cards in any sequence that suits their study needs.

Price: $18.99

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Barron's Police
Officer Exam
10th Edition

Rated "Best of the Best" in Police Exam Prep Books by BestReviews, September 2018 This updated manual presents information, practice tests, and strategies for the different question types used by police departments throughout the country.
It includes:

• Four full-length practice exams with all questions answered and explained
• Two official exams given by a large metropolitan police department
• Streamlining of chapters to more closely reflect the latest question types currently in use
• General strategies for dealing with multiple-choice questions and specific strategies for taking computer-based multiple-choice tests, as well as for taking the traditional paper/pencil multiple-choice exam
• All important time management strategies
• New reading comprehension question types, plus strategies for answering these questions

An additional diagnostic exam presents questions like those that have appeared on recent entry-level exams used by police departments across the country. Also included are test-taking tips for all question types, suggested rules for effective study, and a detailed description of a police officer’s duties. Updated chapters take into account the recent trend by police departments to rely on oral interviews and computerized testing when selecting police officers.

Price: $18.99

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Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte
Thrift Study Edition

Includes the unabridged text of Bronte's classic novel plus a complete study guide that helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the work's content and context. The comprehensive guide includes chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, analytical paper topics, list of characters, bibliography, and more.

Created to help readers gain a thorough understanding of the content and context of "Wuthering Heights, " the guide includes:

Chapter-by-chapter summaries
Explanations and discussions of the plot
Question-and-answer sections
Emily Bronte biography
List of characters and more

Dover Thrift Study Editions feature everything that students need to undertake a confident reading of a classic text, as well as to prepare themselves for class discussions, essays, and exams.

Reg. Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.56

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The Awakening
Kate Chopin
Thrift Study Edition

Includes the unabridged text of Chopin's classic novel plus a complete study guide that features chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, historical background, and more.

Created to help readers gain a thorough understanding of the content and context of "The Awakening." The guide includes:

Chapter-by-chapter summaries Explanations and discussions of the plot
Question-and-answer sections
Kate Chopin biography
List of characters and more

Dover Thrift Study Editions feature everything that students need to undertake a confident reading of a classic text, as well as to prepare themselves for class discussions, essays, and exams

Price: $6.95

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The DC Comics Guide
to Coloring and...
Mark Chiarello

The DC Comics Guide
to Coloring and Lettering Comics
Mark Chiarello

Acclaimed artists Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein demystify traditional graphic storytelling in this practical guide. Chiarello explains the entire coloring process, from computer and software choice to creating color effects that give the action its maximum impact. Klein discusses whether to letter by hand or by computer—a hotly debated topic among working letterers—and demonstrates an array of techniques for creasting word balloons, fonts, logos, and much more.

The animated step-by-step instructions are informative, stimulating, and clear enough for even beginners to follow. In addition, every technique shown in this guide conforms to up-to-date industry standards. The perfect how-to on everything coloring and lettering, this one-stop sourcebook is packed with a wealth of tested techniques, practical advice, and professional secrets for the aspiring comic artist.

Price: $22.99

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Barron’s 501
Arabic Verbs

Barron's 501 Arabic Verbs is printed in Arabic script with exemplary sentences in English for each verb. To reflect correct Arabic style, 501 Arabic Verbs has been printed back cover to front and back page to front. Verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation, and conjugated in all tenses and forms. The book's additional features include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review.
Price: $18.99

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Kaplan ASVAB Premier 2016
With 6 Practice Tests

Always study with the most up-to-date prep! Look for ASVAB Premier 2017-2018 with 6 Practice Tests, ISBN 978-1-5062-0315-7, on sale now.
Reg. Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $17.99

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The Anatomy Student's
Visual Dictionary

An All-in-One Anatomy Reference and Study Aid

By Ken Ashwell Ph.D.

Students preparing for careers in various medical professions will value this highly detailed and profusely illustrated reference guide. Fourteen chapters show, label, and define all human body regions and parts and describe physiological processes. The chapter titles are--

• Body Overview
• Cells and Tissues
• The Skeletal System
• The Muscular System
• The Nervous System
• Special Sense Organs
• The Lymphatic System
• The Circulatory System
• The Respiratory System
• The Digestive System
• The Urinary System
• The Endocrine System
• The Reproductive System

  The book's fifteenth and final chapter provides students with a workbook that presents labeled line illustrations of the human body's muscle and skeletal systems. Students are encouraged to color in individual muscles and bones as an effective aid to memorizing the names and locations of each part. More than 500 color illustrations.

Price: $29.99

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Great Expectations
Charles Dickens
Thrift Study

Includes the unabridged text of Dicken's classic novel plus a complete study guide that helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the work's content and context. The comprehensive guide includes chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, analytical paper topics, list of characters, bibliography, and more.

Reg. Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.56

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Words Their Way
Donald R. Bear

Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers

Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Francine Johnston, Shane Templeton

We believe that the hands-on word sorting approach to word study is invaluable to you and your students. Broaden your word study understanding and instruction with this expanded word sorting tool for week by week implementation with emergent spellers (ages 1 - 7). This stage-specific companion volume toWords Their Way (R) Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction provides a complete curriculum of assessments, reproducible sorts, and detailed directions for the teacher working with students in the emergent stage of spelling. New! This second edition boasts
• Targeted Learners sections that clarify which students will benefit most from the instruction
• An early bank of assessments to help you evaluate your students and pinpoint the most appropriate instruction
• Literature Connections to reinforce concepts being studied
This first volume introduces the idea of sorting through concept sort for students in the emergent stage of spelling development (Pre-K through Grade 1). The word study lesson plan format of demonstrate, sort, check, and reflect is expanded in this stage to include reading aloud and writing activities. The early concept sorting activities are followed with picture sorts that develop phonemic awareness and include activities for rhyming, syllabication, and sound play. Alphabet knowledge and letter recognition are then covered, along with sorts that look at concept of word in print, as well as poems, jingles and short text selections that can be shared with children. Students are then ushered into sorts that introduce beginning consonants with pictures, laying the foundation for the letter-name stage.

Price: $22.99

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Dictionary of
Word Roots
Donald J. Borror

Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms

One of the outstanding problems of the biologist, whether he be beginning student or specialists, is that of understanding technical terms. The best way to understand and remember technical terms is to understand first their component parts, or roots. This dictionary has been designed primarily to meet the needs of the beginning student, the medical student, and the taxonomist, but it should be of value to all biologists.

Price: $51.25

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It's Critical!
David Booth

Classroom Strategies for Promoting Critical and Creative Comprehension

All text comes with layers of meaning influenced by the background knowledge and attitudes of readers. This valuable resource examines the power of language and persuasion helps students critically examine and negotiate the underlying meaning in all that they read and see. It asks them to consider the author's purpose, and to appreciate that each text is written from a particular point of view.

Price: $19.50

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Literacy Techniques
David Booth

For Building Successful Readers and Writers

This revised handbook is even more useful for elementary teachers who want to explore the best techniques for teaching reading and writing. The second edition of this popular guide has been totally rewritten and offers more than one hundred procedures and activities based on the latest research. In this superb collection of proven strategies, teachers will find old favorites as well as new approaches they will want to try-- from using reading comprehension strategies and the writing process to working with information texts and technology.
This overview of best practices for encouraging literacy helps teachers reflect on their own teaching style as they explore innovative approaches to learning. It contains hundreds of practical ideas to meet the particular needs of every student. Each strategy includes a brief discussion of the issues and then focuses on ready-to-use ideas for any classroom. Some of the topics addressed include:
• joining the literacy club--from conditions for literacy learning and gender issues to supporting literacy growth and using parents as partners;
• structures for literacy learning-- from creating a print environment and guided reading to independent reading and tutoring struggling students;
• reading strategies--from tapping into background knowledge and monitoring comprehension to encouraging oral, written, and visual response;
• writing strategies-- from using notebooks and tricks of the trade to writing in genre and applying the conventions of language;
• organizing a literacy classroom-- from timetabling and involving the library to essential classroom resources in all genres.

Price: $19.50

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Poetry Goes to School
David Booth

From Mother Goose to Shel Silverstein

Learn how to create a "culture of poetry" that demonstrates the power of words and strengthens the language lives of children. Poetry Goes to School is a comprehensive resource for teachers who want to fill their classrooms with poetry. The authors have expanded the territory covered in their previous book, Mother Goose Goes to School. In this rich collection, they have gathered and classified a remarkable collection of poetry and teaching strategies into a meaningful, manageable program.The book is organized around eight inviting units: patterns, word play, nursery rhymes, ceremonies, images, voices, stories, and information.

Each unit contains:
• a description of the genre;
• inviting lessons and tools for using them in classrooms;
• sample poems to motivate language discussion;
• ideas for exploring all forms of poetry with children.

Teachers can select from the wide range of response activities that will involve the children in reading, writing, role-playing and the arts. Assessment techniques for supporting the poetry program complement this inviting resource.

Price: $18.00

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Reading Doesn't Matter Anymore
David Booth

Shattering the Myths of Literacy

In this timely, wise, and often witty book, eminent educator and author David Booth argues that teachers must redefine reading as an activity that embraces the needs and interests of students. Reading isn't just about Dick and Jane or great literature any more: it's about the Internet, comic books, technical manuals, graphic novels, iPods, and much more.

Booth outlines twelve simple steps to help teachers and parents alike revolutionize the way they view - and encourage - children's reading in all kinds of genres and formats. He argues forcefully that we must: redefine what reading means; include comics, magazines, manuals, along with novels in our reading programs; understand that technology is part of the new literacy; remember that story is the heart of literacy; help students build strong reading muscles; value the reading responses of young people; view writing as literacy; recognize the different ages and stages of individuals; explore how words work; turn printed texts into active learning; focus on literacy in every subject; welcome youngsters into the culture of literacy.

In some very personal reflections, the author reveals the decisive moments in his life that have shaped his approach to reading and learning. Lively anecdotes throughout the book create a highly readable narrative that makes a compelling case for recognizing the unique value of reading...almost anything.

The book concludes with over one-hundred literacy events that celebrate reading not just in school, but the world beyond.

Price: $16.00

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CLEP Success
Book & CD-ROM

CLEP Success is the most comprehensive guide for the 5 General CLEP tests. Packed with practice tests as well as thorough strategy and subject review, this guide is a complete CLEP prep solution.
Reg. Price: $21.95
Sale Price: $6.59

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M-W Chinese-English

This mass market dictionary offers current Chinese vocabulary as it is spoken in China and up-to-date English vocabulary that reflects American English. This bilingual and bidirectional dictionary has 20,000 entries and phrases and more than 25,000 translations. IPS pronunciations and abundant usage examples are given. Special sections include English Irregular Verbs, the structure and pronunciation of Chinese, and English Phonetics. It gives clear, precise definitions and delivers the words you need for quick and easy understanding. It's a great dictionary for language learners, treachers, travels, and translators.
Price: $6.99

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Anatomy & Physiology
Flash Cards

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY flash cards help simplify the complex study of the human body structure and function. The cards summarize the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, digestive, circulatory, urinary, and reproductive systems.
Price: $21.95

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10 Things Employers Want...
Bill Coplin

10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College

A handy, straightforward guide that teaches students how to acquire marketable job skills and real-world know-how before they graduate—revised and updated for today’s economic and academic landscapes.

Award-winning college professor and adviser Bill Coplin lays down the essential skills students need to survive and succeed in today’s job market, based on his extensive interviews with employers, recruiters, HR specialists, and employed college grads. Going beyond test scores and GPAs, Coplin teaches students how to maximize their college experience by focusing on ten crucial skill groups: Work Ethic, Physical Performance, Speaking, Writing, Teamwork, Influencing People, Research, Number Crunching, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College gives students the tools they need to prepare during their undergraduate years to impress potential employers, land a higher-paying job, and start on the road to career security and satisfaction.

Price: $14.99

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A Moving Child is a Learning Child
Gill Connell

How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think (Birth to Age 7)

Gill Connell, Cheryl McCarthy

In order to learn, kids need to move! Grounded in best practices and current research, this hands-on resource connects the dots that link brain activity, movement, and early learning. The expert authors unveil the Kinetic Scale a visual map of the active learning needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary graders that fits each child's individual timetable.

Teachers, parents, and caregivers will find a wealth of information, actionable tips, and games they can use to support children's healthy development--all presented in a lively, full-color format with demonstrative diagrams and photos. A final section offers easy-to-implement activities geared to the Kinetic Scale.

Downloadable digital content includes printable charts, games, and activities from the book plus a PowerPoint presentation for professional development, parent handouts, and bonus activities. An ideal tool for coaches, mentors, and trainers.

Introducing the Kinetic Scale
• unique framework encompassing all the elements of movement: reflexes, sensory tools (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, and intuition), motor tools (power, coordination, and control), and language.
• based on six stages of movement development from birth to age 7: snugglers, squigglers, stompers, scampers, scooters, and skedaddlers.
• designed to foster a balanced diet of physical activity that helps each child move, grow, and learn on the child's individual timetable

Price: $34.99

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Family Math Night
Jennifer Taylor Cox

Why should your school have a Family Math Night?
- Help students learn essential math concepts
- Give parents a chance to serve as models of motivation, persistence and competence
- Promote math success in a supportive setting

With its step-by-step directions and suggestions for both teachers and parents, this book takes the worry out of planning and conducting a Family Math Night at your school.

How does Family Math Night work?
- Invite parents to accompany their children to school for an evening event.
- Arrange a series of tables ("stations") in a large room or in several classrooms.
- As shown in this book, prepare materials -- easy-to-find and inexpensive -- and set up an activity at each station.
- Parents and students visit some or all stations and engage in the activities together.
- Teachers encourage participation, offer assistance, and promote "math talk."

This book contains 40 engaging and inspiring activities, organized by grade level, along with:

For the teacher
- list of materials
- helpful hints
- connections to math standards
For the parent and student
- description of activity and directions
- questions parents can ask
- challenges

The activities in this book align with the NCTM content and process standards for pre-kindergarten through grade 5.

Price: $29.95

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The Complete Guide to
Figure Drawing for Comics

Dan Cooney is the creator and illustrator of the assassin series, " Valentine, " and the author of " Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel, " published in North America by Barron's. He also teaches graphic novel writing courses at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

If you want to draw for comic books or graphic novels, this book is the definitive guide to getting your figure drawing absolutely right. You'll acquire a thorough grounding in drawing the human form. You'll also learn how to pose and photograph models, and then use those photos as reference for your finished drawings.

• Suitable for all skill levels, from complete beginner to experienced artist
• Covers all the essential elements related to making sequential art, including concept and composition, characters and backgrounds, facial expressions, emotions, atmosphere, and action
• Includes detailed rules and examples that show how to render clothing
• Provides a comprehensive section showing how to handle backgrounds, layouts, panels, figures, and dialogues to ensure that you create winning and engaging artworks

Price: $24.99

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Learn to Draw
Mickey Mouse & Friends

A retrospective collection of vintage artwork featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Goofy ... classic characters

With an 85-year legacy, Disney's Mickey Mouse began as a character and has become a cartoon icon. Over the decades, that ubiquitous pair of ears has seen an artistic transformation spanning a premiere appearance in "Steamboat Willie" in the 1920s to the modern mouse known and loved today. A collection of vintage artwork from the Disney archives reveals early designs, sketches, and poses of Mickey Mouse as well as other classic characters such as Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck.

Learn to Draw Mickey Mouse & Friends Through the Decades creates the opportunity for an artistic celebration of the world's most beloved mouse, by bringing together a collection of step-by-step projects and inspirational illustrations for rendering these timeless characters as they originally appeared. Featuring 128 pages of art instruction and history bound into a classic padded hardcover keepsake with ribbon bookmark, this title makes a covetable collector's item for any loyal Disney enthusiast or aspiring artist interested in learning to draw in vintage cartoon style.

Featured projects include the evolving looks of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. With each section of drawing lessons categorized by style and decade in Disney history, artists and fans alike will find interesting anecdotes and facts sprinkled throughout each page, for a well-rounded collector's experience that is sure to please.

Price: $19.95

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Nonfiction Mentor Texts
Lynne R. Dorfman

Teaching Informational Writing Through Children's Literature, K-8

In their first book, Mentor Texts, Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli demonstrated how teachers can use children's literature to guide and inspire student writers of narrative fiction and poetry. Now, they have turned their focus to nonfiction, identifying a wide range of mentor texts and showing how these models illustrate the key features of good writing. Lynne and Rose guide teachers through a variety of projects, samples, and classroom anecdotes that demonstrate how teachers can help students become more effective writers of good nonfiction. The Your Turn lessons at the end of each chapter use the gradual release of responsibility model to guide and empower student writers. Teachers will find especially helpful the information on how to select appropriate mentor texts from among the sometimes overwhelming offerings of children's literature. Each Your Turn lesson encourages reflection and motivates students to think about what they've learned, the purpose of learning and practicing a skill or strategy, and how they might use this technique in the future. Additionally, An Author's Voice provides encouragement and advice from published authors of children's nonfiction. One of the most valuable features of Nonfiction Mentor Texts is the treasure chest of books organized according to chapter. This list includes every title mentioned in the book, as well as a host of other titles that teachers can use to help students learn about quality nonfiction writing--building content, organizing text, developing voice, enhancing style, using punctuation effectively--and from which students can draw topic ideas. Lynne and Rose have either read or used all of the featured books in their classrooms and have selected titles that meet the needs of students at varying levels. Teachers will be able to find the just-right book for each student.

Price: $24.00

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Barron's Firefighter
Candidate Exams, 7th Edition

This revised and updated manual presents practice exams similar to those given to firefighter candidates in cities and communities across America.

The book opens with a description of the firefighter’s role, the important terminology he or she must understand, and the physical, medical, and written tests that every candidate must be able to pass for qualification. General advice and information for prospective firefighters includes physical fitness standards, and learning to recognize and correct weaknesses in visualization, spatial orientation, and more.

A brand-new chapter in this edition covers mechanical reasoning, which today’s firefighter must be able to command.

Features that follow include:
• A preliminary diagnostic exam
• Information on revised exams (CPAT)
• Advice on what a successful firefighter candidate should do to prepare before taking the exam
• Six full-length practice exams
• All test questions answered and explained

Price: $16.99

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Success! For the EMT-Intermediate
Joseph J. Mistovich

This is THE book to help students pass their National Registry and other state certification exams. Approximately 1900 questions offer proven and authoritative information developed from the U.S. DOT 1999 National Standard Curriculum. All items are written and tested by educators, offering a blend of comprehensive practice exam questions with rationales for every test answer and page references to Brady’s Intermediate Emergency Care textbook for supporting information. This book will help all users achieve SUCCESS! on their exam. EMT-Basic level emergency responders preparing for the EMT-Intermediate certification exam as well as EMT-Intermediate level responders preparing for re-certification.
Reg. Price: $31.00
Sale Price: $9.30

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Barron’s Dictionary
of American Idioms

More than 8,000 idiomatic words and phrases that are standard in American English are listed with definitions and sample sentences to clarify their meanings. Earlier editions of this A-to-Z dictionary have proved especially helpful to TOEFL and TOEIC test takers, as well as to other students in North America for whom English is their second language. Idioms undergo constant change in every living language, some falling out of use while new words and phrases become part of the standard vocabulary. This new edition takes account of the latest idiomatic changes and presents a solid background to informal American English.
Price: $16.99

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M-W Collegiate Thesaurus
Hardcover, Second Ed.

This best-selling thumb-notched, jacketed hardcover second edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus is an indispensable guide to choosing exactly the right word. It includes usage examples for each of its synonyms. Alphabetical lists include antonyms, near antonyms, related words, and cross-references. It offers more than 275,000 word choices, examples, and explanations developed from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition
Price: $21.95

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M-W Compact
Visual Dictionary
Flexible Hardcover

New title! A portable visual inventory of today's world incorporating dictionary-scale definitions. 2,600 highly detailed illustrations (many in full color) are enhanced by 9,500 clear and concise definitions prepared in cooperation with Merriam-Webster lexicographers. Chapters and corresponding themes include: universe and earth; house and do-it-yourself; sports and games; and much more! Ideal for teachers, parents, translators, and students.
Price: $24.95

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M-W Dictionary of
Synonyms and Antonyms

Master the subtleties of language with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms. This useful reference goes beyond a thesaurus, explaining the fine shades of meaning that differentiate synonyms. Alphabetical arrangement of terms makes words easy to find. This book gives clear explanations of the distinctions between synonyms. It also includes example phrases and a list of antonyms at most entries.
Price: $5.99

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M-W Dictionary
& Thesaurus

Two essential language references integrated into one handy mass-market size paperback volume. This national best seller offers 60,000 alphabetical dictionary entries and 13,500 thesaurus entries including extensive synonym lists and antonym lists. 500 new thesaurus entries have been added to cover new vocabulary. Clear and concise word guidance includes abundant example phrases.

Based on the best-selling Merriam-Webster’s TMs Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition

Price: $8.99

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M-W Notebook

A compact compendium designed for 3-ring binders. More than 85,000 words. Includes synonyms, related words and antonyms.
Price: $4.95

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MW Dictionary and Thesaurus
Two essential language references integrated into one handy mass-market size paperback volume. This national best seller offers 60,000 alphabetical dictionary entries and 13,500 thesaurus entries including extensive synonym lists and antonym lists. 500 new thesaurus entries have been added to cover new vocabulary. Clear and concise word guidance includes abundant example phrases.

Based on the best-selling Merriam-Webster’s TMs Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition

Price: $8.99

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Pronounce it Perfectly
English with CDs

ESL students, TOEFL and TOEIC test takers, and all others for whom English is a second language and who want to improve their pronunciation will find this book and compact disc combination especially instructive. The new edition presents many exercises that provide practice in every sound that is specific to American-style English. Emphasis is on the formation of the vowel and consonant sounds plus all of their possible spellings, the significance of correct pronunciation of grammatical markers, and stress and intonation patterns in conversational English. Recognition of these patterns is essential for fluent speech and listening comprehension. Four compact discs give students more than five hours of intensive speaking practice.
Reg. Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $7.50

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The Merriam
Webster Dictionary
Trade Paperback

This language reference trade paperback covers the core vocabulary of everyday life. More than 70,000 definitions. Includes pronunciations, word origins, synonym lists, and more than 7,000 usage examples. Special sections and tables.
Price: $7.50

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The Quick Study for English
The QuickStudy Booklets cover the key information on some of the toughest courses today, helping students boost their grades. The books are presented in the clear, concise format readers have come to expect from QuickStudy.

Guide to elements of grammar, punctuation and composition plus listings of commonly misspelled & confused words.

Reg. Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $4.17

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American Heritage
Thesaurus for
Learners of English

Learning to use synonyms in another language can be hard, challenging, complicated, even trying. This unique reference, the only book of its kind in the U.S. market, contains more than 6,000 synonyms that have been carefully chosen for their usefulness to students of English, both intermediate and advanced. Every synonym has a short, clear definition that helps distinguish it from other synonyms in its group and its own example sentence showing proper usage and clarifying shades of meaning.

A useful appendix includes thematic word groups, a list of frequently misspelled words, irregular verbs, and information on common idioms, sound-alikes, and other areas of difficulty for English learners.

Price: $18.00

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Berlitz English 2.0
with CD-ROM

This brand-new program from Berlitz presents a unique new way to learn languages. This program provides a multifaceted approach by utilizing the traditional book format and incorporating Web 2.0 technology, including Facebook sites, YouTube videos, iTunes podcasts, and smart phone apps, among others. Texts feature objectives, dialogues, reading, writing, listening, and online activities, and tips on grammar and culture. Language mapping provides an engaging visual approach for fast and easy learning.
Price: $29.99

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ESL Vocabulary
w/Audio CD

REA’s ESL Vocabulary Flashcard Book with CD Helps English Language Learners Boost Their Skills!

    REA’s newest addition to our Flashcard book series helps English language learners improve their American English listening and speaking skills. This book is a great resource for people of all ages and all nationalities.

    Written by an experienced ESL instructor, the book features 500 flashcards that cover the most commonly used phrases, verbs, and vocabulary. Each intermediate-level word is used in a sentence and comes with a definition to help you increase your knowledge and understanding.

    Our flashcards are bound in a compact, easy-to-use book that makes learning a breeze. They’re perfect for individual, group, or classroom review. Simply write your definition of a word on the front of the flashcard, and then compare it to the answer on the back of the card.

    Hundreds of the book’s flashcards are included on CD in an interactive format that allows you to practice your vocabulary and pronunciation skills anywhere. This state-of-the-art software also lets you create your own digital flashcards, so you can personalize your vocabulary list.

Price: $16.95

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M-W Advanced Learner's
English Dictionary

New title! Designed to help advance students master spoken and written English as it is actually used, this groundbreaking new dictionary provides in-depth and up-to-date coverage of basic English vocabulary, grammar, and usage. Outstanding features include nearly 100,000 words and phrases, more than 160,000 usage examples, more than 22,000 idioms, verbal collocations, and commonly used phrases, and more than 1,000 original drawings--including 16 pages of full color art. Abundant supplemental information includes 25 pages of grammar.
Price: $29.95

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M-W Essential Learner's
English Dictionary

• More than 54,000 words and phrases
• Coverage of both U.S. and British English and their differences
• More than 15,000 idioms, collocations, and commonly used phrases from American and British English
• Clarifies definitions with over 74,000 example sentences and phrases
• Usage guidance through extensive labeling (old fashioned, technical, informal, humorous, etc.); glosses (restatements to explain example phrases); count and non-count labeling; usage notes; and usage paragraphs

Price: $9.95

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M-W Crossword
Puzzle Dictionary

Created especially for crossword puzzle lovers. This fully revised edition includes more than 340,000 clues and answer words with over 20,000 new words.

Organized alphabetically, by number of letters and by common categories. New answer and clue words include goji, freegan, pho, and tweep. Comprehensive coverage of "crosswordese"—the words, people, and place-names most encountered by puzzlers.

Price: $6.99

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Anatomy 2
Flash Cards

300 full-color cards on 14 human body systems, covering parts that could not be covered on our first set of cards. To truly offer the benefit of flash cards for memory retention, we included the maximum number of body part labels per card that short-term memory can retain and move to long-term memory. This second set adds a few systems beautifully illustrated by award winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez. With images and numbered labels naming parts on one side and just the numbered parts on the other, students can easily test themselves or their study partner. There is nothing else that compares in quality, number of cards and price.

Suggested uses:
Students - establish your core memory of human anatomy whether you will be a nurse, physical therapists, pre-med, or even a massage therapist

Price: $24.95

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Flash Cards

The Chemistry study tool is made up of three parts: a 119-page spiral bound periodic table, 100 flash cards, and a corresponding 21-page exercise manual. The periodic table explains the oxidation states, isotopic abundance, source, properties, and configuration of each element. The flash cards are designed to help students understand the basic concepts of chemistry through the use of vocabulary, visual images, and concepts. The exercise manual has 35 exercises that challenge the student to put into practice the concepts of chemistry through basic application.
Price: $21.95

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Head & Neck Muscles
Flash Cards

HEAD NECK MUSCLES flash cards individually illustrate each muscle of mastication along with their nerves and arteries. Denoted are the origin, insertion, action, innervation, arterial supply, synergists, and antagonists.
Price: $21.95

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Flash Cards

Microbiology flash cards expose the user to everything ranging from an introduction to microorganisms to a clear understanding of microbial diseases. These cards are useful in distinguishing the differences between viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi as well as creating an understanding about the cause of the diseases and the methods to control them.
Price: $21.95

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The Bones
Flash Cards

The Bones flash cards are an introduction to the skeletal system, illustrating each bone in the body from head to toe. This set includes 164 cards. In addition to the bones, this set includes a special chapter covering the joints and ligaments of the human body. These cards denote the innervation, movement, and arterial supply of each joint and ligament.
Price: $21.95

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Barron's French Vocabulary
Here is a practical carry-along books for French language students and travelers to French-speaking countries. Purchasers of all titles in Barron's Vocabulary Series have expressed special satisfaction with these small-format books because they go beyond the standard vocabulary needs of students taking language courses, and include helpful words and phrases for reading foreign language newspapers and magazines. Words are grouped in useful categories for quick reference, and listed alphabetically within each category. They include:

• Numbers, days, months, and seasons
• Travel situations
• Expressions for greeting
• Family and friends
• Plants and animals
• Food, drink, and dining
• Music, theater, movies, and entertainment . . . and many more

Price: $6.99

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