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UVU Wolverine Lapel Pin
Nothing says "classy dresser" like a fierce wolverine on your lapel.
Price: $3.50
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Kukui Necklace
The Kukui Nut (Pronounced “Coo-Coo-EE”) is harvested from the state tree in Hawaii. The shells are hollowed, dried, polished, painted and strung together in a tradition as old as the islands themselves. The Kukui Nut Accessories are worn as a symbol of Good Luck.

Perfect for graduation!

Price: $19.99
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Silver UVU Tie clip
• Aluminum
• Not intended for children 12 and under
• Silver with green “UVU”

Price: $9.99
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UVU Emblem Necklace

Show the love for your school with UVU Jewlery!

• Silver metal Chain
• Green Circle with “UVU” logo cut out
• Emblem is less than 1” diameter

Price: $12.99
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UVU Pin/Tie Tack
Dress to impress on formal occasions with your own quality UVU tie pin! Wear it to business meetings, formal dinners, or any number of tie-wearing events!

• UVU Emblem

Price: $3.50
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Wolverine Bangle Bracelet

Show the love for your school with UVU Jewlery!

• Silver metal band
• Dangling white and green Wolverine head logo
• Dangling white, and green ball
• Emblem is less than 1” square

Price: $14.99
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Silicone Bracelet

Silicone Bracelet
Price: $4.99
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