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Watermedia KitJana Parkin
Watermedia Kit
Jana Parkin

• 15x18 Mesh And Vinyl Bag With Handle And Zipper
• Water Pot Click & Go
• White Mask Liquid Frisket 2oz
• 1/2"x60yd White Artist Tape
• Rubber Cement Pick Up Square
• 18x24 1/2" Gator Board
• 140lb 9x12 Natural White Arches Watercolor Block
• 140lb 6x9 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper
• 10X5 18 well palette w/tray & airtight seal
• 4oz Spectrafix Fixative Empty Spray Bottle
• Princeton Snap Gold Taklon Wash 1 Brush
• Princeton Snap Gald Taklon Round 6
• Princeton Snap Gold Taklon Round 12

Graham 5 oz. Watercolor Tubes
Paynes Gray, Quinacridone Rust, Yellow Ochre, Nickel Azo Yellow, Scarlet (pyrrol), Maroon (peyrelene), Quinacridone Rose, Mineral Violet, Cerulean Blue, Turquoise, and Azo Green.

Winsor & Newton Cotman 8ml Watercolor Tubes
Raw Umber and Dioxazine Violet.

Daniel Smith 5ml Watercolor Tubes
Quinacridone Gold, Indanthrone Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Sap Green.

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Item: 2020283
Price: $251.50