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M. GrahamWatercolor Plein Air“Pacific Northwest"
M. Graham
Watercolor Plein Air
“Pacific Northwest"

M. Graham paint set, the "Pacific northwest" watercolor set features colors, are brilliant, highly pigmented and suitable for all traditional techniques with beautiful, even washes and no hard outlines. Set includes misty purple (Dioxazine purple), Mountain gold (yellow ochre), shadow blue (anthraquinone blue), overcast gray (neutral tint), and cascade green (sap green).

• Artist Quality Watercolor paint Made with natural blackberry honey
• Watercolor Made with honey absorbs moisture from the air preventing hardening on the palette or in the tube
• Just a spritz with water and the color is ready to use
• Extraordinary strength that is easily diluted for smooth controlled washes and deeper darks
• Made in the USA

Item: 3015356
Price: $34.09