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Captain America #171  11x14” Poster Print
Captain America #171
11x14” Poster Print

The historic 'Marvel Age of Comics' comes to life with this rare, poster print reproduction of the past. Classic covers are presented in this unique, eco-friendly format for the avid collector as well as the casual fan.

An early chapter in the “Secret Empire” saga, this issue finds Cap in prison for murder and forced to defend guards from an attempted rescue by the Sanitation Unit. It’s all part of a conspiracy to bring down the Avenger, and the Falcon can’t help his partner; he’s having trouble in Nigeria alongside the Black Panther as they endeavor to save the Falcon’s girlfriend from Stoneface. When the Falcon reunites with Cap, the two heroes are attacked by Moonstone! It’s one of those days.

Item: 2014934
Price: $5.49