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CleanScreenCleaning Kit 6ml
Cleaning Kit 6ml

Keep your screens cleaned!

With the Cleanscreen Cleaning Kit for Screens & Devices, you'll be sure to have a clean screen at all times. The Cleanscreen Cleaning Kit is the perfect accessory to ensure your Cameras, iPhone, iPad, tablet, GPS navigation system, portable games or computer stays clean.

The Cleanscreen Cleaning Kit comes with a 6 mL cleaning solution pen and cleaning cloth that are individually wrapped, portable enough to be taken anywhere you go. The pen has an easy pump spray tip that delivers just enough cleaning solution to get the job done. Regular maintenance using the Cleanscreen solution pen ensures you will prevent long term damaging defects to your displays. Simply spray some of the cleaning solution on your device screen and wipe it off with the cleaning cloth, Presto! Your screen is clean!

Item: 2003451
Price: $2.99