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Citadel Technical PaintMartian Ironearth
Citadel Technical Paint
Martian Ironearth

Games Workshop has created the Citadel Painting System, a revolutionary combination of techniques, tools and paints that makes painting straightforward, easy to learn, and fun! Using the Citadel Painting System, you choose the colors you want to paint your models, select the techniques you want to use on them, and apply these in a few simple steps for great results.

Citadel Technical paints are designed to help you achieve a range of effects, from creating rust and corrosion to the fetid slurry of Nurgle’s Rot or the bloody gore of Blood for the Blood God. Martian Ironearth is perfect for creating dry, cracked ground.

12 ml paint pot. Water-based. For Warhammer miniatures and other miniatures/models.

Item: 2017077
Price: $4.29