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ConnoisseurHog BristleHake 1”
Hog Bristle
Hake 1”

Connoisseur Big Flow Hake bristle brush made from supreme quality chungking bristles. Big Flow Hake brushes will carry large volumes of color and are exceptional for moving heavy paint. The superior interlocked bristles have fine flagged ends that give this brush a natural curve that keeps its shape. With care, this brush will improve with age. Stainless seamed flat ferrule, lac-quered metallic brown long handle with vinyl header. Brushes are guaranteed for life against de-fects in materials or manufacturing. • White bristle brush
• Perfect for oil and acrylic
• Hand crafted with a copper plated seamless ferrule that is resistant to tarnish and corrosion
• Chungking bristle
• Long handles

Item: 2005140
Price: $23.97